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Membership Benefits

How industrial partners benefit from GMG?

Bringing Caltech engineers and earth scientists together with industry experts will enable technology and science breakthroughs.

Industrial partners will have the following benefits:

  • Influencing the research as members of the Industrial Advisory Board
  • In-depth access to state-of-the-art research at Caltech in geomechanics and geohazards of high relevance to the energy industry
  • Possibility of targeted one-on-one collaborations
  • Facilitating training and future recruitment of Caltech students
  • Networking among Center members with similar/complementary goals
  • 10% indirect cost, NSF contribution.

Examples of recent advances:

  • Advanced imaging/monitoring techniques in seismology (AI, Fiber optics, MEMS sensors)
  • Ground deformation measurement (GPS; radar and optical remote sensing from satellite an UAV)
  • Numerical modeling, laboratory and in situ experiments on coupling between fracture mechanics, damage and fluid flow
  • Improved methods for earthquake forecasting.