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How to Join

GMG brings together:  Caltech Faculty and Students + Industry Members (Companies, State/Federal/Local government and non-profits) perform cutting-edge pre-competitive fundamental research in science, engineering, technology area(s) of interest to industry and that can drive innovation and the U.S. economy. Members guide the direction of Center research through active involvement and mentoring.

A business can join the GMG Research Center as an Industrial Member. Each Industrial Member is entitled to a representative on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) that decides which projects will be funded from the pooled annual dues. Industrial Members have non-exclusive royalty-free access to research conducted by GMG. For further information about the Center or memberships, please contact Dr. Jean-Philipe Avouac, director of the Geomechanics and Mitigation of Geohazards Industry/University Cooperative Research Center at or

Annual Membership Fee

  • Full membership: $50,000/year

For More Information

Click to download the GMG Membership Agreement

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